Welcome to EMUGE India Pvt. Ltd.

EMUGE India Private Limited commenced its operations in India as a joint venture company in association with Precomp Tools Private Limited in the year 2000. Today, it is a 100% subsidiary of the Emuge-Franken Group of Companies, Lauf, Germany. Emuge India has come to occupy a dominant position in the Indian sub continent as a major threading tools manufacturer in India. Besides Ground Machine Taps, Emuge India Private Limited manufactures Carbide Thread Milling tools and Tap Holders, thus, making it as the only end to end solution provider for complete threading solutions.

EMUGE-Werk is a part of EMUGE-FRANKEN Group of Companies, a leading name in the field of Cutting Tools, Tool holding and Work holding systems. Located at Lauf an der Pegnitz, 16 Km, north-east of Nuremberg, it was established in 1920, and has since then come to occupy a dominant position in the global cutting tool industry. EMUGE has been universally accepted as a trend setter and occupies a prominent position in the comity of tool manufacturing fraternity.

Precomp Tools Private Limited was established in 1982, and has come to occupy a premier position in its field in India. Precomp Tools is a leading name in India, in the field of thread forming tools such as thread rolling dies, serration / spline rolling dies, worm shafts and such allied tools.

Emuge India today derives its strength from its own unique approach to finding solutions for all threading applications. The parent company in Germany has a repository of data bases for various applications based on products; materials and machining parameters. This data base has been translated into several Research and Development activities to arrive at unique geometries for taps to suit several demanding applications. From being the originator of spiral point geometry to development of Hollow taps, Emuge has come a long way and has been recognised as a trend setter for others to emulate. These efforts have found a new avenue in the Indian market with the creation of its subsidiary Company, which is spearheading a 93 year tradition towards a Century mark. We are sparing no efforts in order to address the most demanding applications for threading and work piece / tap holding systems to suit the Indian manufacturing sectors needs. Working together with the user industry and educating the customers has been one of Emuge India’s way of spreading knowledge about this manufacturing area, which is over looked by many. We believe that solution for most difficult threading application can be found in a collaborative environment between the user and us at Emuge India Pvt. Ltd.